Quantum Information Approach to Information Paradox of Black Holes with Symmetry

Date/Time: 5:00pm, July 29th, 2020 - (Virtual Seminar)

Speaker: Prof. Yoshifumi Nakata (The University of Tokyo)

Quantum information theory has shed new light on the black hole (BH) information paradox. In this work, we study the information paradox when the black hole has axial symmetry and fully clarify how symmetry affects the process of leakage. Our analysis follows the Hayden-Preskill thought experiment and is based on the partial decoupling approach that we have proposed in 2019. We especially show that symmetry induces two significant deviations from the case without symmetry: a delay in the onset of information leakage and information remnant that lingers for. We further show that they are related to macroscopic properties of the BH, unveiling non-trivial connections between the information leakage problem and macroscopic BH physics.