Non-Abelian vortex and its dynamics in cold atoms

Date/Time: 23rd May 2011 / 15:00 - - ()

Speaker: Dr. Michikazu Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo,Japan)

Non-Abelian vortices can be defined as topological line defects classified as non-Abelian fundamental group of the order-parameter manifold for a symmetry-broken system. Although, most vortices in well-known symmetry-broken systems such as superfluid helium and scalar Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) are Abelian, non-Abelian vortices are predicted to appear in the cyclic phase of spin-2 spinor BECs. Non-Abelian character of vortices becomes remarkable in their collision dynamics. When non-Abelian vortices collide, they neither reconnect nor pass through but create a new rung vortex connecting colliding vortices. In the seminar, I talk about how vortices become non-Abelian in the spin-2 spinor BECs and which phenomena can be expected.