Fine Optical Control without Hyper-fine --For the Application in Quantum Simulation--

Date/Time: 10 November 2010 / 15:00-16:00 - ()

Speaker: Dr. Rekishu Yamazaki (Kyoto University, JST-CREST)

The advancement in the field of quantum degenerate gas has enabled to engineer wide spectrum of physical environment. Particularly, the study of many-body physics using the cold atom has been equipped with well controllable temperature, dimensionality, interaction strength, and spin mixtures. The rich controllability resulted in exciting simulations, including superfluid to Mott-insulator transition and itinerant ferromagnetism of delocalized fermions. Feshbach resonances with a magnetic tuning of the hyperfine energy bound levels with respect to the energy level of the incoming scattering state can vary the scattering length, and therefore the interatomic-interaction.