Recent Progress in Quantum Computing with Optically Controlled Semiconductors

Date/Time: Wed. 25th June 2008 / starts at 15:00 - ()

Speaker: Dr. Thaddeus D. Ladd (NII, Stanford University)

I will present two very recent experimental results from the Yamamoto group at Stanford. The first is the rapid initialization and subsequent coherent manipulation of a single electron spin qubit using ultra-fast qubits. This result demonstrates a complete single qubit gate set at the highest possible clock speed for the system. The second is the generation of indistinguishable single photons from two separate semiconductor sources. This result demonstrates a tool of great importance for linear optics quantum computing; it also shows promise for sufficiently homogeneous semiconductor qubits for scalable semiconductor quantum computers. Finally, I will briefly indicate some theoretical work on future directions for all-optical quantum logic between semiconductor spin qubits.