Effective squeezing enhancement via measurement-induced non-Gaussian operation and its application to dense coding scheme

Date/Time: 28 April 2005 - ()

Speaker: Dr. Akira Kitagawa ()

We study the measurement-induced non-Gaussian operation on the single- and two-mode Gaussian squeezed vacuum states with beam splitters and on-off type photon detectors, with which mixed non-Gaussian states are generally obtained in the conditional process. It is known that the entanglement can be enhanced via this non-Gaussian operation on the two-mode squeezed vacuum state. We show that, in the range of practical squeezing parameters, the conditional outputs are still close to Gaussian states, but their second order variances of quantum fluctuations and correlations are effectively suppressed and enhanced, respectively. To investigate an operational meaning of these states, especially entangled states, we also evaluate the quantum dense coding scheme from the viewpoint of the mutual information, and we show that non-Gaussian entangled state can be advantageous compared with the original two-mode squeezed state.