Improvement of Success Probability by Squeezed Light in Weak Value Amplification for Single-Photon-Level Nonlinearity

Date/Time: 26th September 2013, 14:00-15:00 - ()

Speaker: Dr. Fumiaki Matsuoka (Hokkaido University, Japan)

We propose use of a squeezed coherent light probe to improve the success probability of weak value amplification of single photon nonlinearity. In order to observe a single photon in an interferometer non-destructive measurement of a single photon has been reported based on the phase shift of a probe light induced by the cross-phase modulation (XPM) with the single-photon. However, the XPM by a light of the single-photon-level intensity is too small for single shot measurement. Feizpour et al. have shown that the photon number in the interferometer can be amplified by pre- and post-selection, and weak measurements. As a result of this amplification, the phase shift of the probe light is also amplified, therefore, SNR, which is limited by technical noise, can be improved. However, it is necessary to sacrifice the success probability of the weak measurement for the amplification. In this presentation, we show that the success probability can be improved from (for the coherent probe) to (for the squeezed coherent probe) without the degradation of the error probability.