Hierarchy of Information Quantities for the Finite Block Length Analysis of Quantum Tasks (joint work with Masahito Hayashi)

Date/Time: Fri.22th March 2013 / 15:00 - - ()

Speaker: Dr. Marco Tomamichel (CQT, the National University of Singapore)

We consider two fundamental tasks in quantum information theory, data compression with quantum side information as well as randomness extraction against quantum side information. We characterize these tasks for general sources using so-called one-shot entropies. These characterizations---in contrast to earlier results---enable us to derive tight second order asymptotics for these tasks in the i.i.d. limit. More generally, our derivation establishes a hierarchy of information quantities that can be used to investigate information theoretic tasks in the quantum domain: The one-shot entropies most accurately describe an operational quantity, yet they tend to be difficult to calculate for large systems. We show that they asymptotically agree (up to logarithmic terms) with entropies related to the quantum and classical information spectrum, which are easier to calculate in the i.i.d. limit. Our technique also naturally yields bounds on operational quantities for finite block lengths.