Verification of topological quantum computers

Date/Time: Mon.18th March 2013 / 15:00-17:30 - ()

Speaker: Mr. Alexandru Paler (University of Passau, Germany)

Topological quantum computing (TQC) is the basis of all modern quantum-computing architectures that aim at large-scale calculations. In TQC, logical qubits are represented by collections of physical qubits arranged in three dimensions and governed by topological quantum error-correcting codes. TQC allows error-corrected and fault-tolerant computation with relaxed error-rate requirements on physical qubits. At the same time, TQC is supported by a wide range of technologies from nanophotonics to solid-state devices and quantum dots. TQC designs can be described geometrically and optimized using non- intuitive transformations. Validating the correctness of the optimized circuit currently requires excessive manual effort even for relatively small instances. We present the first automated verification method for TQC. The TQC implementation of a quantum circuit, described by geometry of its logical qubits, is mapped to physical-qubit level, simulated using a quantum circuit simulator, and cross-checked with the simulation of the original circuit.