Startup Meeting in TOKYO March 2008
DATE:28th March 2008
PLACE:Conferance room (Rn2208), 20th floor, NII, Hitotsubashi, Tokyo, Japan.*
*Discussion 14:00-15:00 will be held in Meeting room 1(Rn2009), NII

To Members, please send the title and abstract of your talk. Dead line is 20th March 2008. mail to : nemoto(a)

9:40-10:00Kae Nemoto"Overview of the project"
10:00-10:45Takeshi Koshiba"On Quantum One-Way Permutations"
11:00-11:45Kazuo Iwama -
12:00-12:45Simon Devitt -
14:00-15:00informal discussion (seminar room on the 20th floor)
15:00-15:45Akinori Kawachi"Orthogonality versus Linear Independence"
16:00-16:20Mio Murao"Authorized quantum computation"
16:20-16:40Toshio Oshima"Quantum information processing along spin chains"
16:40-17:10Scientific and administrative discussions

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