Joint Workshop in TOKYO 2009 (ICQIT)
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The International Conference on Quantum Information and Technology
2nd - 5th December 2009 at National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo

Date: 2nd - 5th December 2009

The Second Workshop of the JST-CNRS "Quantum Computation: Theory and Feasibility" project will be held on December 2-5 at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo. All practical information is available at the conference web site(
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KEYNOTE abstract
on Wednesday 2nd December
by Miklos Santha, CNRS, Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France and Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS, Singapore

10:30-11:30Miklos Santha
"Quantum information processing over networks"
In this survey talk we give an intuitive treatment of the discrete time quantization of classical Markov chains. Grover search and the quantum walk based search algorithms of Ambainis, Szegedy, Magniez/Nayak/Roland/Santha and Magniez/Nayak/ Richter/Santha will be stated as quantum analogues of classical search procedures. We explain the role of phase estimation in the latter algorithms, and we discuss the relationship between the complexities of the search procedures and the quantum hitting times. Finally, in the query complexity model, we show how quantum walks can be applied to the following search problems: Element Distinctness, Matrix Product Verification, Restricted Range Associativity, Triangle, and Group Commutativity.

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