NII-CNRS Project Meeting
PART I, 16th-17th March 2010
Date: Tuesday, 16th - Wednesday, 17th March 2010
Place: Meeting Room 201, 202(2nd Floor), National Center of Sciences Building(which accommodates NII.)


Tuesday, 16th
10:30- 11:30Jared Cole, University of Karlsruhe
11:30- 12:30General Discussion
2:00- 3:00Clare Horsman, University of Bristol
3:00- 4:00General Discussions
4:00- 5:00Simon Devitt, NII
5:00- 6:30Discussion

Wednesday, 17th
10:30- 11:30Iordanis Kerenidis, University of Paris - Sud
11:30- 12:30General Discussions
2:00- 3:00Kawachi, Titech
3:00- 4:00General Discussions
4:00- 5:00Roadmap discussion

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Last updated 31th March 2010.