QIGlobal Research Center for
Quantum Information Science

The Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science at the National Institute of Informatics aims to bring computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers together to establish the foundation of quantum information technology and explore advances quantum world could provide. The center provides opportunities to collaborate with researchers from different backgrounds, and it welcomes researchers to join its activities.

Several postdoctoral researcher positions in hybrid quantum systems and complex quantum networks are available. Please contact Kae Nemoto


08 - 12, May, 2017

Dr. Michael Trupke

University of Vienna, Austria

30, May, 2017

Dr. Mori Takashi

University of Tokyo, Japan

04 - 10, June, 2017

Dr. Dmitry Krimer

TU Wien, Austria

11 - 30, June, 2017

Ms. Josephine Dias

The University of Queensland, Australia

13, June, 2017 - 23, August, 2017

Mr. Adrian Andres Rivera Torres

Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

27, June, 2017

Dr. Kazunari Hashimoto

University of Yamanashi, Japan


160th Qulink Seminar

Date/Time : 2:45pm, Tuesday 26th June 2018
Place : Room 1901 (19th floor), National Institute of Informatics
Speaker : Dr. Fumiki Yoshihara (Advanced ICT Research Institute, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT))
Title : Superconducting qubit-oscillator circuit beyond the ultrastrong-coupling regime