QIGlobal Research Center for
Quantum Information Science

Tarvel Information

The Instructions for Access

From Takebashi Train station to NII

The most convenient train station to NII is called “Takebashi”.To get to NII from Takebashi, use the “Takebashi District Gate, 1b exit(photo)” from the train station. Turn left after you exit the building and head to the first traffic intersection “Hirakawa mon”. (You will see Marubeni Building on the other side of the intersection). Now turn left and proceed until you reach the next traffic intersection with lights (about 100 meters). Go straight through this traffic intersection. The National Center of Sciences Building. is located about 100 meters past this intersection. Here you will find NII.

Exit 1b at street level.

After turning left at Hirakawamon intersection, expressway can be seen ahead.

From Jimbocho Train station to NII

Another convenient train station to NII is “Jimbocho”. Jimbocho is served by 3 train lines. To get to NII from Jimbocho, please use the exit “A8”. Turn right after you exit the station at street level, and proceed until you reach the Hitotsubashi intersection. The National Center of Sciences Building is located across this intersection.

Jimbocho Station Exit A8 at street level.

Entrance of “The National Center for Science” building, in which NII is accommodated.

Lunch Map around NII

Japanese Noodles(Soba)
“Marukaseison (満留賀静邨)”

Hot or cold noodles in traditional Japanese style.

“Kushi Garden” (Palace Side Building 2nd Floor)

Eco-conscious cafeteria-style restaurant. Organic vegetables, coffee and fresh juice are on the counter.

“Liberal table”

Sandwiches with your choice of bread and filling.

“Shanhai Asaichi (上海朝市)”

Chinese noodle house on the ground floor. Upstairs, all-you-can-eat buffet lunch.


Various Thai noodles and Curries.

Indian Curry

Vegitables, beans, chicken curries. Spacious inside the restaurant.

*From NII to Jimbocho crossing in the map is about 400 meters.