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Kae Nemoto


National Institute of Informatics, 2-1-2 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan #101-8430

Kae Nemoto is a full professor at the National Institute of Information (NII) and the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI) in Tokyo. She is also the director of the Global Research Center for Quantum Information Science at NII, as well as being the co-director of the Japanese-French Laboratory for Informatics (JFLI). She is a theoretical physicist by training, and before starting her research group at NII she spent several years as a postdoctoral fellow in both Australia and the UK. During the time in overseas, she expanded her research field to quantum computer science and technology.

Research Interests

Her research interests and efforts are currently focused around

Architectures for distributed quantum computation.

Quantum computation, communication, metrology system and device designs.

Quantum computer languages and compilation.

Hybrid quantum systems, and complex quantum systems.

She is a Fellow of both the IoP (UK) and the APS (US).