International Conference on challenges in Quantum Information Science CQIS2018International Conference on challenges in Quantum Information Science CQIS2018


Quantum information science and technology have been growing rapidly ever faster. The recent developments in the field have changed the landscape of future quantum technologies, as the new concepts from quantum information have started to reach the industry and our society. As stepping into a new stage of the development of quantum science and technology, we face various new challenges, from scientific to technological and social to political. CQIS2018 focuses on the wide range of challenges the research community currently faces and discuss how we, the research community, can tackle them to push the science and technology forward.

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline
20 January 2018
10 February 2018
Online resignation deadline
20 March 2018
Post-deadline poster submission
31 March 2018

Plenary speakers

  • Mutsuko Hatano (Tokyo)
  • Anna Sanpera (Barcelona)
  • Michelle Simmons (Australia)*

* to be confirmed

Invited speakers

  • Janet Anders (U. Exter, UK)
  • Mio Murao (UTokyo, Japan)
  • Anne Broadbent (U. Ottawa, Canada)
  • Eleni Diamanti (CNRS, UPMC, France)
  • Linda Zhang (Stanford, US)
  • Hélène Perrin (Paris XIII, France)
  • Jacquiline Romero (UQ, Australia)
  • Marina Jirotka (U. Oxford, UK)

Steering Committee

  • Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
  • Elisabeth Giacobino
  • Sir Peter L. Knight

Conference chair

  • Kae Nemoto