Asia Pacific workshop on Quantum Information Science 2013 | in Tokyo for 21-23 May 2013


After a number of discussions with various researchers in the Asia-Pacific region we are planning to have a small discussion-based workshop "Asia Pacific workshop on Quantum Information Science" at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo for 21-23 May 2013 to look at the potential for larger collaborations. It will be 2 1/2 days beginning in the morning of the 21st and finishing lunch time on the 23rd.


Quantum information research is at an interesting stage in its development, where new engineering challenges are emerging from the fundamental science. Quantum control in some experimental systems is becoming accurate enough even for relatively large scale quantum systems, while the recent theory development in quantum computer architecture allows us to see how we can construct an information system from fundamental building blocks and what the requirements for building blocks are. The architecture research has just started to show how classical computers can control these systems. All these elements both in hardware and software need to be integrated before we develop useful devices and powerful systems. We have selected three physical systems to investigate: optics, superconductors, solid state, which are strong in Asia and Pacific regions. Integration of technology and science is key in this workshop.

Topics and Sessions:

1. Superconductors (SQUID)
Chairs: Bill Munro, NTT & Jaw Shen Tsai, NEC/Riken
Implementation of superconducting qubits and quantum control,
Architectures based superconducting qubits.
2. Solid state
Chairs: Michelle Simmons, UNSW & Hsi-Sheng Goan, NTU
Solid state implementation, Architecture based on solid state qubits.
3. Optics architecture
Chairs: Kae Nemoto, NII & Yoon Ho Kim, POSTECH
Optical implementation of quantum computation and communication,
Optical based quantum information architectures.
4. Special purpose applications
Chairs: Bill Munro, NTT & Jaewan Kim, KIAS
Small-scale applications such as sensing, imaging, communications,
quantum-information assisted devices and technology.
5. Discussion
Chairs: Joon Choe, ONRG & Artur Ekert, National University of Singapore, Singapore
This discussion will be a summary of the previous four sessions where each session chair will report the summary of their session (what were discussed and what topic/programs were identified for potential proposals) then be followed by open-to-all discussion on the proposals. This session also aims to strengthen collaborative efforts in quantum information technology in Asia and Pacific region.

This workshop is going to be partially supported by ONRG.

Organising Committee for the Asia Pacific Quantum Information Workshop
Kae Nemoto (NII), Bill Munro (NTT) and Jaewan Kim (KIAS)

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